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Full suspension rebuilds - starting with dyno testing, rebuilding, calibration and re-testing afterwards.

Test the performance and similarity of your suspension, including spring rate measuring.

Build a new suspension setup using parts from various suppliers and customize it to fit your car.

Suspension tests on sports cars in real life, not only on a stand.

This helps setting the suspension to the drivers individual needs.

We know that it`s possible to get the suspension ready in the lab and it will work just fine. But being right next to the action and testing it out in the field is priceless because you can set everything to your drivers needs.


We have been working closely with cars like Škoda Fabia Rally2(EVO & RS), CanAM Maverick, Peugeot R2 and Subaru WRX STI(VA) for the last couple of years and we know where to find that magic spot.

Meet the Team


Krišs Jaunzemis

 Bright and eager to learn data engineer with great instincts and passion for racing.

In house and practical training working with different brand suspension rebuild and setup change. 

KK pilt.jpg

Kaido Karjus

Link between your suspension and our specialists in Estonia.

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